Guide to Reliable Carpet Cleaning Services


Carpets are like great magnets to dust and dirt due to the woolen material that it is made of. The need to clean your carpet is higher and more frequent if there are children and pets around your house. If you have pet fur, food, color stains and other dirt particles in your carpet, it will give people the impression of poor cleanliness and hygiene habits. A dirty carpet can also be a source of serious allergies. Here’s a good read about Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry, check it out!

If you do regular vacuuming, it can help to make your carpet clean. However, you will need professional cleaning once in a while for a deeper clean. Below are some of the carpet cleaning services that carpet cleaning companies offer.

There are many types of carpet cleaning. Thorough vacuuming is included in all these methods, and is actually where you start from. Vacuum is done to extract the dust from your carpet or rug so that the other methods are made more effective. This method of cleaning the carpet is called the dry cleaning method. With this type of carpet cleaning method, special cleaning powders are used. This powder will attract the dirt almost as soon as they are applied. When the powder has been given time to do its work, then the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed again. Learn more about carpet cleaning, go here.

The second method of carpet cleaning is shampooing. Like dry cleaning, it is also a kind of pre treatment. Shampoo or a cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet. A machine works the shampoo into the carpet and then it is vacuumed to extract the dirt. The solutions used are formulated with cleaning agents that remove dirt and stains from carpet fibers. The look and smell of your carpet is improved since they also contain deodorizers and brighteners. However, there will still be dirt and microbes left behind after shampooing.

Steam cleaning process is a hot water extraction process. This is considered the most effective of all carpet cleaning methods. It uses heavy duty equipment to inject a solution of hot water and detergent into the rug or carpet. The dirt mixes with the chemicals and is then extracted using high pressure machines. When steam cleaning carpets, it is important to make sure that all moisture is removed. Mold growth will happen if moisture is left behind. Mold will destroy your carpet and it will emit a foul odor which could give rise to allergens. Another form of steam cleaning is the foam cleaning method which blends dry cleaning and shampooing. Kindly visit this website for more useful reference.


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